More Garage Gyms

by Matthew Palfrey ( June 20, 2012 0 Comments

I always love getting emails from people who are following the blog, especially if they include pictures of their homemade training kit!

James has constructed a 50kg sandbag from 2/3 of truck inner tube - it acts a little like a Bulgarian Bag. This is a great example of ingenuity and a serious piece of garage gym equipment.

Here's the beast on his homemade loading platform:

I spoke about getting started in a recent blog post and this just goes to show that you can do just that - without having to invest a lot of hard earned cash.

This is my original range of homemade sandbags (costing a total of around $10):

My advice to those of you who lurk on this blog (and there are now quite a few!) and haven't yet started sandbag training is to get going today. Use whatever you can get your hands on and then upgrade to a custom made sandbag as and when you are able to.

Train hard!

Matthew Palfrey (
Matthew Palfrey (