Sandbag Fitness In The News

by Matthew Palfrey ( August 09, 2012 0 Comments

Sorry for the delay between posts - I just got back from a Transatlantic crossing between Southampton and New York and have had limited access to my computer for the past couple of weeks.

So, what's been going on at Sandbag Fitness?

Well, I just had a 4-page article featured in Ultra-FIT Magazine here in the UK. You can pick it up from newsagents and via their website here:

Things have also been going well with the recent ebook release 'Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports' and there will be a very special offer coming up in the next few days. I'm also very close to releasing both books as paperback versions (sorry for the delay) so keep an eye out for the newsletter.

A new workout to follow over the next couple of days.

Train hard!

Matthew Palfrey (
Matthew Palfrey (