Todays Workout - Sandbags From Hell! (and a cheeky sale)

by Matthew Palfrey ( August 10, 2012 0 Comments

Todays workout is straight out of Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports and was specifically designed to test the strength and conditioning of elite MMA athletes - i.e. there is a fairly large probability that it might mess you up.

Complete as many repetitions in 1 minute of each of the following exercises in sequence.

Bear Hug Squat
Forwards Lunge (Back)
Shoulder Get Up (switch sides at 30 seconds)

Rest for a minute between each round and repeat for a total of either:

  • 3 rounds (Contender)
  • 4 rounds (Challenger)
  • 5 rounds (Champion)

Train hard!

This weekend you can also get 15% off Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports by using the discount code sandbagmma15 at checkout:

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Matthew Palfrey (