Todays Workout - Lady's Day At Sandbag Fitness

by Matthew Palfrey ( August 14, 2012 0 Comments

At the risk of sounding horribly sexist, todays Lady's Day Workout is brought to you in association with the Brute Force Hot Pink Sandbag! If your training is starting to feel a little lacklustre then why not spruce things up with the worlds sexiest sandbag!

Available in both Athlete Size (loads up to 32KG) click here

And in Mini Mouse Size (loads up to 11.5KG) click here

And, if things weren't stereotyped enough, men - here's a camouflage sandbag! click here

Try this workout:

Run 200m
20 Sandbag Clean and Press
20 Sandbag Back Squats

Repeat for a total of 5 rounds.

Record your time.

Train hard!

Matthew Palfrey (
Matthew Palfrey (