Sandbag Training For Tough Mudder

by Matthew Palfrey ( September 21, 2012 0 Comments

I recently had an article published here in the UK in Outdoor Fitness Magazine. It covered a few specific sandbag training programmes that would help you get through the Tough Mudder. I know that many of those following the blog have been unable to get a copy as they don't live in the UK so I thought I'd provide a taste of the training info here.

For those of you that can get hold of the magazine, I urge you to grab a copy - it really is very good.

For everyone else, here's a taster of some of the sandbag training exercises that you can use to get around the course.

Try this workout to build endurance

Complete 5 rounds of the following sequence:

1 Sandbag Hill Sprint (top to bottom)
10 Sandbag Thrusters
10 Sandbag High Pulls
10 Sandbag Chest Throws

Use a sandbag weight that challenges you to complete all 5 rounds.

Sandbag Hill Sprint

Thruster Start

Thruster Finish

High Pull Start

High Pull Finish 
Chest Throw

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Matthew Palfrey (