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I'm always interested in hearing about some of the ways that others stay fit and active - after all, Sandbag Fitness was launched out of the necessity to find an effective, affordable way for me to stay fit. So I was really happy to hear from recently. They've put together a short article, based on user reviews on their site, that covers a whole range of different ways to be active and get fitter. If you're after some renewed motivation or just want to try something new then give them a go.

As always, I'd also love to hear about some of the ways that you stay fit (besides sandbag training of course!). If you've got any ideas to share then please add them to the comments below. Here's the article:

Exciting Exercise Options for the City or Suburbs

Fun fitness activities are easy to find whether you live in the city or in the country. Each setting offers unique opportunities for building wellness, but they both offer the same benefits of reduced stress, deeper sleep and better health. This information was compiled from user-generated reviews directly from the database. Gogobot is a travel website that features thousands of real user reviews about activities and accommodations, restaurants and more, specific to a certain type of traveler. Each type of traveler is categorized into various ‘tribes’, whether they be an adventure traveler or a nightlife lover.

Here are some of the best exercise options in each setting for different types of fitness lovers.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Biking is an exciting way to get fit wherever you are, but city dwellers will find that a bicycle can also be valuable transportation. Instead of taking the car to the grocery, you can ride your bike and get some exercise at the same time. A bicycle can also be handy transportation in rural areas, but mountain biking is king in the country. Exercise is exhilarating when you're barreling down the side of a mountain, dodging boulders and trees, with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair. The outskirts aren’t a far walk from the vast amount of hotels, restaurants and clubs inside the city where the urbanist can get a similar experience by cycling on one of Las Vegas’s 350 miles of bike lanes.

The Adventurer

If you love adventure, why not try martial arts? Martial arts offer stimulating exercise that can calm the mind and give insights into other cultures. City lovers should try jiu-jitsu, a martial art with Japanese and Brazilian forms. In either form, practitioners fight on the ground, using all of their muscles to dominate their opponents. In rural areas across the country and the world, mountain martial arts are catching on among fitness enthusiasts. For practitioners of this alpine fighting tradition from Japan, exercise comes with high-altitude thrills and an empowering sense of strength that fortifies the mind and body.


Wellness can be fostered through diet and exercise in any place. In the city, anybody can boost their overall health by eating plenty of vegetables on a daily basis. In fact, chopping vegetables can be a relaxing activity that soothes the mind in preparation for a nourishing meal. In rural areas, wellness can be achieved by chopping wood regularly. Newcomers will find that their stamina is tested by this activity, which strengthens the upper and lower body while boosting cardiovascular fitness. The benefits of chopping wood also include exposure to fresh air and a healthy feeling of accomplishment.


Backpackers will find that opportunities for exploratory exercise can be found in city centers as well as nature reserves. Speed pole climbing is one challenging choice for urbanites. To participate, enthusiasts climb a vertical tree trunk or pole as quickly as they can. Thanks to a harness worn around the lower body, this activity is actually fairly safe. In the countryside, backpackers can simply find a sturdy tree and start climbing. Although tree climbing is sometimes considered a pastime for children, it can also be engaging, healthy fun for adults who love to explore.

In any setting, the key to success in fitness is to keep exercise fun. With the activities listed here, it's even easier to enjoy the path to wellness. A combination of unique fitness factors will contribute the most to a healthy lifestyle in the suburbs or the city.

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