Exercise Video Analysis

Sandbag Fitness

Are you motivated but need some assistance in technique correction? If you can't train with me in person then I'm able to offer you exercise technique correction via video analysis. 

This service is ideal if:

  • You don't have access to traditional coaching services 
  • You don't know any coaches that are experienced in sandbag training
  • You are put off by the high fees associated with personal training
To take advantage of this service you simply need to upload a video of you performing the exercises that you need checking. Send me the link and then I'll get back to you with feedback, advice and an action plan to ensure continued improvement. You'll also have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the exercises that you're submitting.

What I need:
  • The video should show the exercise performed from the front AND the side
  • The video should show your entire body throughout the exercise
  • You may use any freely available video uploading service but we recommend Youtube
  • Most video services will allow you to mark the video as private (Youtube instructions here)


After purchase you will have the opportunity to directly add your exercise video links. Alternatively, I will contact you to organise this.

My video analysis is available as 1 Exercise checked, up to 3 Exercises checked (save 10%) and up to 10 Exercises checked (save 25%) packages.
Exercise video analysis is also included as part of the Online Coaching Package.

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