Sandbag Strength Package

Brute Force Sandbags

Save 10% When Purchasing Both Sandbags!

This is the ultimate sandbag training package for anyone who is serious about developing their sandbag strength and conditioning program. Included in the package are the Sandbag Fitness Heavy Duty Workout Bag - With Handles and the Sandbag Fitness Heavy Hitter. If you purchase both sandbags together then you'll automatically receive a 10% discount. 

Why Purchase Both Sandbags?

The Heavy Duty Workout Bag - With Handles is an all round training tool, the handles making it easy to perform a whole range of exercises including Pushes, Pulls, Squats and Lunges. The multiple internal filler system also makes it easy to change the weight of the sandbag as and when required. 

The Heavy Hitter Sandbag is handleless, meaning that it is a harder tool to use for Pull-based exercises like Rows, Cleans and Snatches. The advantage of this however is that it is a fantastic tool for developing all round strength and power. It is particularly well suited to exercises like Bear Hug Squats, Sandbag Drags and Carries, and Overhead Presses. Professional athletes often prefer to use this type of sandbag as it opens up a range of additional exercises, and can provide a greater challenge. The heavier loading (up to 90 kg/200 lbs) also means that you'll be able to continue making progress as you build your strength and conditioning. 


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