Sandbag Training For MMA

Are you an MMA athlete, Martial Artist or combat sportsperson looking for the edge?

Do you want to build strength, conditioning, power and agility specific to fight performance?

We've selected a range of resources to help you build your own sandbag strength and conditioning programme. You'll find articles, exercise demonstrations, excerpts from the award-winning book Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports and much more. 

Why Sandbag Training?

While there are many factors that will affect your performance as a combat athlete, a high level of strength, conditioning and general fitness will always be a benefit. Sandbag training is a great choice for the combat athlete for a number of reasons, including:

Itʼs incredibly tough to work with. The sandbag is an awkward load that will make you work for each and every lift. While this means that you wonʼt necessarily be able to lift as much weight as you can on a bar it will be a truer representation of how you can handle a ʻreal-lifeʼ load - just like an opponent.

The sandbag will naturally develop your grip strength. Rather than including a lot of additional grip work, the very nature of the sandbag means that youʼll develop an iron grip just trying to hold onto it.

The sandbag is malleable and will mould to your body shape. This makes it a great tool for carries, sprints, throws and a range of partner exercises. You can also use the sandbag to simulate grappling with an opponent.

Taken from 'Sandbag Training For MMA', Breaking Muscle

How To Integrate Sandbag Training In Your Programming