The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training - ebook

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eBook (available in PDF, ePub and Kindle format)
Book 188 pages

The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training contains everything you need to develop a highly effective strength and conditioning programme at home with the minimum of equipment and investment. Includes:
  • Detailed descriptions of over 40 different exercises - complete with images
  • How to set up your own home gym
  • 3 detailed sandbag training programmes - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Here's What People Are Saying About The Book:

"Matt Palfrey has done a great job of providing clear, concise instructions on safely and effectively implementing sandbag training into your workouts. I’ve met few trainers whose knowledge or passion for sandbag-specific fitness rivals that of Matt Palfrey – he is truly an expert in the field. The photos and demonstrations in the book are also excellent. If you are looking for top notch info on sandbag workouts, you’re in the right place." Al Kavadlo, author of We're Working Out and Raising The Bar

"This book is simply the definitive written work on sandbag fitness. It outlines a huge variety of sandbag fitness training regimes, progressions and of course a huge array of the best and most effective sandbag excercises, all shown with high quality photos and discriptions. The book also throws in some great bodyweight exercises to compliment your training. It takes you through a 10 week course of weekly progressions to improve conditioning and strength. The 10th week being some sandbag fitness challenges to really test yourself. It is obvious that a lot of time and effort has gone into writing this book and this shows in the attention to detail throughout. There is one other thing I really like about this book – there is no fluff and it proves that you don’t need a gym or loads of equipment to get super fit and super strong. It even shows you how to make your own sandbag for less than £10. Buy this book you wont regret it." Mike Eves, of Kick Ass Fitness

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